I know this gets talked about lots, but does anyone know for sure? I would think it would already be in the works. IMO, why could he not throw a Chevy tahoe fibreglass body on this chassis instead of the now dyfunct hummer brand body, and maybe get some much needed money from chev at the same time. Im sure Toyo helps alot but a major sponsor like chev would be of help for sure, also maybe engine development/secrets also. Robby needs to get a break somewhere in the midst of all his hard work and effort. Seeems like hes not getting to many breaks as of late racing pavement or dirt or long term cash influx/sponsors.

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There is a ton of Aero-Work put into that Hummer body to just throw it away without any kind of Factory Support to be put into the R&D of whatever body replaces it.


The biggest question I would have is why would we want GM ( government motors) to help out a racer on tax payer money?
I love RG and am willing to donate to a fund to help him in off-road but I can't with a clear conscious be behind GM forking out a penny, even to my favorite racer until it pays its debt back to the tax payers.

If you want GM to pay back the rest of the loan, they have to make a profit. ( so far they have paid back about half of the $52 Billion loan) In order to grow they have to continue to market and advertise GM products. You can't expect them not to spend a dime on anything except repaying the loan and still make enough money to actually pay the loan back.

I have no problem with them spending some of their marketing budget with RGM. Growth in South America is almost as important as growth in China to GM being in a position to pay back the balance of the loan. I will cheer for Robby no matter what he is driving and hope he is well funded and can give them a run for the money.

John............news flash the LOAN will never be paid back.

Could it be a Maserati Kubang!

with Maserati being a Fiat property,I'd guess not so much.Fiat's other property,Jeep boog'd on their deal a year ago.

Robby Gordon and Hummer have become synonymous in the Dakar. If ain't broke....


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