I was wondering if the second car made it to Argentina in the end? I was incorrectly thinking the intention was be to have it run as a slow and steady race entry that could be used as a chase car to offer on course assistance to Robby and for cannibalising during the marathon stages where the teams with multi car entries will trade parts to their leading entries.

Does anyone know if Robby will have any designated helpers out there?

Thanks. Any insight will be appreciated.

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The second car didn't make the journey to Argentina.

The team will have on track support from Team Boucou, as it has the last few years.

Thanks. That's too bad. The video had them pulling some all nighters at the end, but I'm guessing they had some technical hiccups with the final build and decided to cut their losses? Do you know who was slated to drive it?

He had talked about Dale Dondel out of California.Racer Engineering mfg. and driver of Trophy Trucks for Roberts Racing LLC.


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