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The new one has a TT style, wider and longer. More wheel travel ... A true challenger to fight in the Overall

What's our over/under of how many times one end up on its lid?

Was there any last year? Whether they did or not, the number will be lower 'cause this car is tons better than the last one, and Nasser' not in one.

Yes, Carlos Sainz, one of the greatest rally racers alive rolled it (after hitting a rock) causing him to retire. I don't specifically recall Nasser ever having problems keeping it wheels down, just that he's hard on equipment.

They have more DKR16s going this year(4v3), IMO they have a different mindset of testing vs winning and Loeb rolled one earlier this month in a race. My bet is they roll 3 times.

That shot of the rear shows how typically French the build is. The French love complication, but I mean, do they have enough fans? It's just like the Peugeot 908 HDP LeMans prototype was, which lost more races due to something breaking or system/part failing. I think we should have an over/under on how many times something breaks down.

they might just don't wan't to end up like robby and have to built overnight a roof scoop with duct tape and whatever laying around like he did a couple years ago .
yeah yeah yeah peugeot is known for over doing it .... riiiiight ! ;)

are you inferring Pug does things perfectly first rattle of the can? Can we all admit last years rig was a bad idea? And handled poorly? So, no. Even with all the $ and resources they can and did build a POS

nope not inferring

IMO it boils down to money. Yes it's better, it better be ... Right ? The amount of money tout into this project we will probably never know. They now have one Dakar rally under their belt. So yes it should be better. The real question is , is it better in the right direction. I believe no. We will see soon enough.

Must be nice to have the budget to redesign every year.

I'd say better and in the right direction.


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