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I've been watching RG for years from SCORE to Dakar. My question is why does RG use different navigators each Dakar? Seems like the guy he used last year (can't recall sorry) was pretty good. Is it a rule or just a choice?

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Last years Do-driver Jonney Campbell is rideing a bike in the Dakar this year.

@QuailCrazy, Robby has had three Co-dogs starting in 06.Andy Grinder,who was there for several years.Andy also was co-dogging the SCORE events.He wanted to spend more time with his family.
Kellon Walsh 2010 and current co-dog might have been with Robby last year,but his new job as a LasVegas Fireman was the priority.
Johnny Campbell jumped in and took on the challenge last year.
All choice ,hope that answers some of your questions

Thanks Mike, I think I've got an understanding now. Do you know what restrictions DAKAR put on the Hummer to from last year? It was pretty obvious in 12 that RG was the cream of the crop. With a few less issues, it would have been a completely different race.

@QuailCrazy, the HUMMER's are basically unchanged.RGM made some of the chassis replaceable ,servicable.
What we haven't seen is the HUMMER vs the Buggly head to head !


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