Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 4 of the 2011 Dakar Rally.Robby Gordon will start at 11:59am/et & Eliseo Salazar will  start at 12:20pm/et. Raceday chat will also be available throughout the  entire 2011 Dakar Rally.


STAGE 4:   San Salvador de Jujuy > Calama

Connection 554km | Special Stage 207km | Total 761km


The Dakar leaves Argentina provisionally to cross the Andes mountain range via the Paso de Jama pass. To reach this point, the climb will start during the night. Once they have crossed the border, the crews will ascend to an altitude of 4,800 metres, i.e. the same height as Mont-Blanc, without crampons or ice-picks! In sporting terms, the arrival in Chile also heralds the entrance to the Atacama Desert and the first off-track racing of the rally. The start of the relatively short special stage will take place at 3,300 metres. At this point, the vehicles will have to handle stony terrain as the dunes approach.

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Yep, he's definitely not disappointed by the #327 driving by(if that's what really happened); He's F'n livid.  In all truth no one here knows what happened(as usual). Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst.
Still anxiously awaiting some good word.....what is the the latest?  I see the Planet banner changed.  I think that is a bad sign, huh?
I know it's $$$$$ but in this kind of race RG should have a 3rd entry just as a water carrier for these kinds of problems. Ya it's racing but you have to cover yourself for anything that can happen. To come all this way and have no back-up is foolish, you have spent all this $$$ now is a pity. After listing to all the posts I get the feeling with this new car there wasen't much testing. Trans pump issues...explain that to me. This isn't RG's first rodeo plastic gears ? I have followed RG for years throgh all types of racing I am not a hater but discourged. 1000 & 500 driveshaft & trans issues seems either RG has to back off a little to finish I know it's not his style. The only way RG can be competive in the Dakar for 2012 is go to a 4wd platform. He gives up to much in the WRC part of the course and now he has to try and make up the time. Ya not his "style" but if he is going to be competive with the factory teams he has to. JUST MY OPINION

i like his style but do have to agree with you.  I did see a video where he was talking about the problems and made mention of the 327 passing and having the spare part.  My thought is why the hell not carry one in both trucks...

Beside that though...  I think that 4wd would be a great help.  maybe a chevy or just some good backing from GM to help front some of the bill.

I tend to agree with you about the 4wd issue particularly in regard to the wrc type sages.  The 327 WAS the water carrier.  That's why they had the spare parts and the 303 didn't.  The primary doesn't carry them because of weight (replying to shawn)
I am very dissapointed that the 327 did not stop to help Robby, we all can see on the interview hes PiOff by 327 not stopping. It would be expected by all of us that even if 327 had not had the spare part to stop and take the needed parts from 327 and put them on 303 for him to continue and have 327 wait for the spare parts. Now Robby is out and that's a shame. Dakar is pretty much over for me.


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