Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 4 of the 2011 Dakar Rally.Robby Gordon will start at 11:59am/et & Eliseo Salazar will  start at 12:20pm/et. Raceday chat will also be available throughout the  entire 2011 Dakar Rally.


STAGE 4:   San Salvador de Jujuy > Calama

Connection 554km | Special Stage 207km | Total 761km


The Dakar leaves Argentina provisionally to cross the Andes mountain range via the Paso de Jama pass. To reach this point, the climb will start during the night. Once they have crossed the border, the crews will ascend to an altitude of 4,800 metres, i.e. the same height as Mont-Blanc, without crampons or ice-picks! In sporting terms, the arrival in Chile also heralds the entrance to the Atacama Desert and the first off-track racing of the rally. The start of the relatively short special stage will take place at 3,300 metres. At this point, the vehicles will have to handle stony terrain as the dunes approach.

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Maybe one of the two people who just won all that money in Mega Millions last night is a R.G fan and will throw him some 10 million in pocket change so next year he can run some testing so we wont have quite the issues next year. I know if i won that amount of cash i would make a donation!!!!!
And he would take it. LOL

Testing won't be as big a deal next year as he's running a limited NASCAR schedule, 16 races I believe. This is good, as I'd like to see him run the INDY 500 & watch more off road.

I think he ran one or two of the off road Rally Raids last summer, but it takes money to ship cars & crews overseas & a whole lot of time to travel, race & make it back for the Sunday NASCAR go round.

I look forward to alot more off road & a lot less Jimmie Johnson Series.

p.s. How does Speed Energy Drink mix?  I'm gonna need a cocktail after work!

really goood with CROWN ROYAL black  =0
Even LA air is good w/CRB
Is it over or what?

not over till it's over .....

but it's for sure not looking good .

there nothing to chew on yet .

there is a good broad cast every night around midnight on the french tv .

i have to wait a couple of hours ( it's 10pm right now) to know something .... anything ....

According to the stage 4 report, Robby has withdrawn.

...In the general standings, the trio of Sainz, Al Attiyah and Peterhansel are within a range of 5’40”, whilst the VW of De Villiers is eying from a distance any places to be snatched on the podium - the South African is 4th, 19’14” behind. This is the place that Robby Gordon accomplished in 2009, but he will not be able to do so this year. Halted by a major mechanical problem after crossing the Paso de Jama pass, the Hummer was not able to start the day’s special. This is the first time since the 2006 edition that the American has been forced to withdraw. ...

Of course they were wrong earlier about the cause of the problems, but it certainly seems way too late for RG to start and run this stage.

The old #335 Red & White Jim Beam Hummer, nosed in off a jump & crushed the radiator. The following year they redesigned for multiple cores & valves to route past any radiator damage. Every year is a learning experience.

Dakar is over for Robby. CRAPPPP!!

18:19 Cars: It’s all over for Robby Gordon!

Following a broken wheel bearing after 514 km of the link stage leading to the 4th special, American Robby Gordon (Hummer) was not able to reach the day’s timed section, since the race officials had already closed the start point by the time his assistance team reached him. As a result, the Californian has been forced to abandon the rally.

Robby has passed checkpoint one.  Maybe he will run course and petition to not DQ.



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