Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 4 of the 2011 Dakar Rally.Robby Gordon will start at 11:59am/et & Eliseo Salazar will  start at 12:20pm/et. Raceday chat will also be available throughout the  entire 2011 Dakar Rally.


STAGE 4:   San Salvador de Jujuy > Calama

Connection 554km | Special Stage 207km | Total 761km


The Dakar leaves Argentina provisionally to cross the Andes mountain range via the Paso de Jama pass. To reach this point, the climb will start during the night. Once they have crossed the border, the crews will ascend to an altitude of 4,800 metres, i.e. the same height as Mont-Blanc, without crampons or ice-picks! In sporting terms, the arrival in Chile also heralds the entrance to the Atacama Desert and the first off-track racing of the rally. The start of the relatively short special stage will take place at 3,300 metres. At this point, the vehicles will have to handle stony terrain as the dunes approach.

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Think again! Salazar paid? YES, but he paid to be a water carrier for RG. RG was not selling the #2 Hummer to not have it support him. Each team has a #1 and # 2 and RG is definitely #1 on this team, unless something like this wheel bearing issues happens. If RG is able to continue he will be their to help Salazar if he needs it. At this point I would think getting the best finish for RGM as a team is what they will be looking to do.
Anyone know how far he is from the start? If he does get it fixed in time will he even make it to the start line?

Well if nothing else they can ues this as the most expensive test session in the history of the Company.


Everybody better start drinking a boatload of Speed Energy Drink!!


Found a couple spots here in SoCal that have speed for sale. Also the arco in Brawly has it. Going to Glamis next week and going to pick up a couple cases.

Should I save the few cans I have left with the old Logo on them?

Are the new cans on sale now?

The new shirts actually look way better than the old Logo to me.

My son says the same and wears his all the time.

I like the new logo as well. Some friends were wearing the new shirts in glamis over New Years. I need to get me a few.
damn it damn it damn it!!!!!! So if he getts DQued those that mean he can go to laughlin and kick eeveryones ass there instead??????? Or drive the other hummer?

french news says ... having engine issues ... waiting for assistance truck .....


French news probably picked up the bad info from Not an engine problem.
if you look at the scoring times the other hummer is flying so did robby get into that hummer it is 25th
huh !?


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