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Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 1 of the 2012 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon will drive the #303 Speed Energy Hummer & Nasser Al Attiyah will drive the #300 Qatar Hummer. Raceday chat will be available throughout the entire 2012 Dakar Rally. Raceday chat now works on the Ipad & Iphone.


STAGE 1: Mar Del Plata > De La Pampa

Connection 763km | Special Stage 57km | Total 823km




The seaside resort of Mar del Plata brings to mind lazing around, especially after the competitors have mingled with the crowd during the public presentation ceremony on 31st December. For the short warm-up special stage, they will nevertheless be allowed to pass by the seafront, where the small dunes to be crossed will represent the first hurdle. In this simple exercise, the fastest time will establish a first winner and determine each competitor's position in the rankings. After this challenge, there will be a long liaison section to be covered to Santa Rosa de la Pampa.


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Nasser said he had an oil pressure issue and that Robby towed him to the end of the special.

We had an engine oil pressure loss and preferred to wait for Robby to tow us to the finish, since we did not want to damage the engine... We will see, but this does not look good... And, whatever happens, this is not a good way to start the Dakar!

Ouch, I hope there is not a refund clause in the contract. Nasser wont be happy. Hopefully no engine damage. C'mon team, lets get these hummers fighting fit. Cant sign the best and not deliver on the equipment.

Robby Gordon Quotes- We were setting a fast pace until we saw Nasser stopped at the side of the special's course, less than 2 km from here, and I stopped to tow him. This has cost us some time, but I am especially concerned about him. We will make the exact diagnosis at the bivouac, but his car simply refuses to start. Perhaps there is a problem with the oil pressure, the petrol... I do not know.

Bummer for Nasser. At 9-50 back and 38th place he'll have to bring all his driving powers to bare as he claws his way up the running order during the days to come. Rough for him, but it will be exciting to watch if he can keep the truck under him 'till the end of the Dakar.

That time Nasser lost can be made up on the more technical stages coming up... Gas on RGM

Any news on Nassars problems today? Have they made it to the biv wac? What is Gordon saying about his ride and conditiions today?

Geez.... somebody has to know something about the status of the Hummers....drivin me nuts sittin here waiting.....

They are running stage 2 tomorrow & both Hummers will be there. As for the who,what,where & why, I would wait for the RGM stage 1 recap video.

I hope it was not so much a big problem rule bending is involved to replace the part at fault. It would stand to reason and I say this with only fringe knowledge by the way that if the facts are as stated oil pressure issue-then engine would not fire, there could be an electronic default/open circuit/ "no break" feature that could be at fault and not letting itself be known out in the field. Again I say this with no real knowledge of how complicated and in depth the science they are using goes. I had a 1966 Chevy Stake Bed with a straight 6, the parts that could be at fault for a no fire could fit in a shoebox..........and the irony being it NEVER broke down. Times are that you need meters and testers more than you need wrenches.

LOL,Mike that 235 only needed 15psi to survive.You might be able to pee that hard.

If the motor survives there are parts of the rally tailor made for the Hummers and with Nassers talent he can make up considerable amounts of time. Nice start for Robby we just need more of the same for the next two weeks, Gas On Robby!!


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