OFFICIAL: From January 1st to January 15th, 2012

The Dakar ultimate adventure will start from Mar del Plata, in Argentina, to Lima, the capital of Peru, via Chile and the dunes of the Atacama Desert.

Watch the Dakar clip opening from the press conference on Facebook

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The route, from

As the condor (rather than the crow) flies, almost 5,000 kilometres separate Mar del Plata from Lima. In 2012, the Dakar will be staging a pan-American adventure of more than 9,000 kilometres in total. Unlike previous year’s loops, the route will transport the rally from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to those of the Pacific, enabling its competitors to discover new lands and another aspect of South America. The scale of this challenge has also led to a change in the race’s format, which will include 14 days of racing in 2012. Constantly guided by the Andes Mountain range, the drivers and riders will be crossing the Atacama, and will experience in particular the diversity of the dunes as they head into Peru.
PLEASE have Inez learn "engli" before she comes back to comment on the lifestyles of the south americans? and heck, while you're at it, just put her in a bikini and chaps. SHE'S HOT!!!
Here's another video to remind us how much we miss the rally.
I like the looks of this. It should play to Robby's strengths. If BJ Baldwin has another ride, wouldn't mind seeing Eliseo back.
seriously doubt Eliseo will be back in 2012
Thanks WJM, agreed, can't wait.
Since I thought this years Dakar was great, I can't wait for next year!
More details of the 2012 course on

Looks like a logistic nightmare, unload in Argentina and end up on other side of continent in Peru to get your stuff back home, team and everthing. Adds another price tag to the race, just thinking out loud.............
I was thinking the same thing, but I beleive the ASO arranges much of the vehicle and equipment shipping - at least for the European competitors. So I imagine they'd have ships waiting in Lima to be loaded up.
Still a $$$$$ thing , panama canal or go to La and truck from there, either way= money , again thinking out loud..


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