As of 12-4-12, there has been NO ANNOUNCEMENT from RGM about it's plans for the upcoming 2013 Dakar Rally. The entry list at is NOT the final entry list. With the rally starting in Peru ( instead of Argentina ), it's almost 3,000 miles closer than past rallies for shipping the vehicles. I believe we should hear something official very soon. Keep in mind some of Robby's 2012 Dakar plans didn't take shape until late November / early December 2011.

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Peterhansel should quit crying and grow some balls! The funny thing is that he talks about bad racing conduct and about RG engine, what about running over another competitor, he should be avoided from competition!

Check this video out:

While I agree with you whole heartily, lets be real.....he's French!!!!!

PeterhanseI has no Bawls. you claim..I guess your must have have been just born....wake up..dude..sorry i know your a fan and i do respect the plannet but let's be real and post facts..RG is a Great Race Car Driver and so is SP simple facts..

It's almost time, Joe!

Going to be a good race.

Joe, SP can be a great driver, he is a great driver, but you cant go around the fact that the Mini thing is just not Monster! As it has been said before, theres nothing monster about those minis! SP and the whole team should be driving something better related to the monster brand, something similar to RG's Hummer Style. I know its hard to swallow the fact RG has walked away from monster and started his own energy drink brand, but you cant deny the mini xraid project is just a poor showing of marketing in general, its just a complete mismatch. Adding to that the whole team is based on foreign drivers driving import cars. Really, what were you guys thinking? That those europeeons drive around in just mini cars? No just woman are, or guys driving their women's car around, at least thats the excuse I would use. Minis are for Girls!

It's ON!

Now we wait for the other shoe to drop...will it be 1 or both of those beautiful HUMMERS!!!! I look forward to the official announcement

2 Hummers? Haver I missed something on here? Sofar Ive seen just RG's Hummer.

@Redline , did you notice the date of SF7's post? Yes, just one

Year Event Position[1]
1991 Paris Dakar Rally (motorcycle) 1
1992 Paris Dakar Rally (motorcycle) 1
1992 Paris Moscow Beijing Rally (motorcycle) 1
1993 Paris Dakar Rally (motorcycle) 1
1995 Paris Dakar Rally (motorcycle) 1
1996 UAE Desert Challenge (motorcycle) 1
1997 Paris Dakar Rally (motorcycle) 1
UAE Desert Challenge (motorcycle) 4
1998 Paris Dakar Rally (motorcycle) 1
24 Hours of Chamonix 1
1999 Paris Dakar Rally, with a Nissan car 7
2000 Paris Dakar Rally, with a Mega car 2
2001 Paris Dakar Rally, with a Nissan (T1) 1
2002 Tunisia Rally 1
UAE Desert Challenge 1
2003 Paris Dakar Rally(T1) 3
Italia Baja 2
UAE Desert Challenge 1
2004 Paris Dakar Rally 1
Tunisia Rally 1
Morocco Rally 1
UAE Desert Challenge 8
2005 Paris Dakar Rally 1
2006 Paris Dakar Rally 5
2007 Lisbon Dakar Rally 1
2008 Central Europe Rally 2
2012 2012 Dakar Rally 1


7 SCORE International championships (1986–90, 1996, 2009)
3 time Baja 1000 winner (1987, 1989, 2006)
3 time Baja 500 winner (1989, 1990, 2005)
7 Dakar Rally stage victories
3 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series wins (New Hampshire '01, Infineon 03', Watkins Glen 03')
1 NASCAR Sprint Cup Gatorade 125 Win (2003)
1 NASCAR Nationwide Series win (Richmond '04)
2 CART wins (Phoenix and Detroit '95)
1 Central Europe Rally Special wins (2008 CER Stage 5 Scratch 1 winner (1/2 stage) Hummer)

You want facts here ya go . Looks to me like Robby is the better all-around driver . Robby has driven and won in more types of vehicles and on more types of surfaces .

Peterhansel has responded:[Ca-balance-pas-mal-a-lima-339895]

I don't do French very well, and google translate leaves much to be desired.. but here are some highlights of the story.

Robby Gordon, a provocateur and a cheat "- Stéphane Perterhansel

The 2013 Dakar started before starting. By words. And this is of course the American Robby Gordon (Hummer) who opened the first spotted by a camera of the organization who knew what she wanted. Gordon mocking and confident, has winnowed competition. "The Al-Attiyah buggy? I would say a buggly. "Contraction buggy and ugly which means ugly ... Last year, Gordon had rented one of his Hummers to Al-Attiyah, who was happy or note, or the reluctance of mechanics. The projection on the "buggly" is close to that of last year on the Minis of Peterhansel and Roma. "Cars girls." With such variant: "They make noise like sewing machines

The ten-time winner Stephane Peterhansel (Mini) avoided the bitter taste of pisco, but not dodged the battle of words. "It's good that Gordon was there. But hey, I'm not a big fan. This is a challenging but also a cheater. And not on the Dakar. He arrived in a business where there are rules that respect. Him, for example, when we catch up, do not let pass, whereas with the sentinel you can not, do not know. It is only to behave like that. It is a question of mind.

Last year I was the fastest "mocks Gordon. It was somewhat boosted ... Peterhansel remains suspicious "he has a big heart, he soda thoroughly, it often makes mistakes, but it can go after." Never has an American won the Dakar. "I have time, I just passed forty years, 'says the former still king of Nascar. In short: I have not finished coming on your land, and I have not finished the opening on anyone and anything.

One of the comments on the story burns me a little:

"Behavior as very American to arrive in a discipline and not respect the rules ... if the provocation has never killed anyone and is part of the sport"


well , i will have to say that he might have a better all-around back ground but dakar is so special i believe it doesn't count .
baja is the only thing that can compare if there is any comparison to be made .... but dakar is "only" 15 time longer !!!!
asphalt titles well .... this rally isn't about asphalt at all .
sure it's about how quick the driver is to adapt to the grounds he crosses but nascar : /
don't get me wrong i'm behind the american all the way but this list is better hidden !


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