As of 12-4-12, there has been NO ANNOUNCEMENT from RGM about it's plans for the upcoming 2013 Dakar Rally. The entry list at is NOT the final entry list. With the rally starting in Peru ( instead of Argentina ), it's almost 3,000 miles closer than past rallies for shipping the vehicles. I believe we should hear something official very soon. Keep in mind some of Robby's 2012 Dakar plans didn't take shape until late November / early December 2011.

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A minor correction. USADA is NOT a government agency. It is a non-profit, non-government outfit used by the Olympics.

Had not seen this before...great video

Camel Grass.

I like it JR, Thanks

any statement yet about dakar?

Not yet Chupa. Had a great chance to say something during his radio interview and nothing was mentioned. We'll have to see what Robert Savage finds out today during his spy session:) in Anaheim............

Still no announcement.... D: this is not looking good!!! C'mon Robby- DAKAR DAKAR DAKAR!

are we there yet? are we there yet?are we there yet?
a pressing date?


This would be the year to win it with this years course layout.

someone knows why Robby has not decided to run the Dakar 2013?
I had heard of no problems with the brand of Speed ​​of Argentina .... I'm confused: S

Paul, we have no reason to believe "Robby has not decided to run the Dakar 2013" please wait there will be an anouncement one way or the other. I think there is a very good chance he is running. Details details and more details are needed before we jump to any conclusions.

Thanks buddy


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