As of 12-4-12, there has been NO ANNOUNCEMENT from RGM about it's plans for the upcoming 2013 Dakar Rally. The entry list at is NOT the final entry list. With the rally starting in Peru ( instead of Argentina ), it's almost 3,000 miles closer than past rallies for shipping the vehicles. I believe we should hear something official very soon. Keep in mind some of Robby's 2012 Dakar plans didn't take shape until late November / early December 2011.

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Exactly - Nasser bought the ride. Yes he could have driven smarter, but homeboy did pay for the ride.

Looks like Nasser just took alot of notes from his time in the Hummer and i don't see any Toyo stickers on Nasser's turd so I'm guessing he realises the quality of the tires and is just a standard customer. As far as being American built, good for Jefferies getting the job and keeping business in the states, we need it in this suck ass economy. But the bottom line is it would be a hell of alot easier pill to swallow if it wasn't Nasser (bottomless pit of money) who did it!

Retard and now Fag......................find a corner

who can I mail my nickels to?

Robby must race Dakar 2013. He has too many fans in South America and he has become a legend. It would be great to find SPEED products in South America because he makes great publicity and attracts a lot of people. Regarding ASO, RG should teach them a lesson by winning the rally. .

@Speed and Bruce, of course I totally understand all of it! My post should have explained all of your points. And just as SPEED stated, it sjust a hard pill to swallow being Nasser and all. And yes Nasser has a ton of moolah, unlike myself. When ever I "rented" a race car, I was usually too scared to wreck it because I was afraid I couldnt afford to pay the "crash clause" as found in many race car rentals. I was just ranting for the fun of it. I know its going to take a while to sort out the car. And yes, because it was made in the usa, im happy for that. Right now we all need jobs and a stable economy. At least this is an export rather than an import of products for the usa. Thanks fellas! have a good one!

Problem is the ASO won't LET Robby win it . It's all political bullshit . They don't want an underfunded privateer coming in and showing up the manufacturers . We all know there was nothing illegal last yr with the hummer , it past all the tech inspections at the start . Why all of a sudden after it wins a few stages is it magically illegal ? Cause someone with deep pockets decided they didn't wanna get beat so they cried foul . Of course Robby was " allowed " to finish the race , he kept all the people interested . If Robby doesn't run this yr I would love to see the tv ratings compared to when he does race . I guarantee they will be way down .
I hope Robby gets to go this year. Not for me, branding or anybody else. Maybe just for RG.....
AMERICA needs Robby to tell the world to kiss his ass one more time

First post for new member. (Yay me!)

I love watching the Dakar! The fact that there is some racing to watch in January, and, that it runs through my birthday, it is always a much anticipated event for me. It is a great adventure. However, not knowing any of the drivers, it was just about the adventure. Then enter Robby, Mark Miller, Street, and the like of Americans "daring" to enter a rally event, much less the epic endurance rally that is Dakar. There were now underdogs to root for. While Mark ended up with a factory team, it was still great to see him do well. But my main focus was Robby. A true privateer an an awesome hunk of metal and carbon that is the Hummer. You can't get much more American then that, complete with the rebel without a cause attitude! Robby made the Dakar that much more exciting. I didn't like him that much in Cart. Grew to like him in NASCAR for his excitement on road courses. Loved him in Dakar! It will be a real shame if he doesn't try to break the ACO's anti-American attitude this year. Rock on Robby!! Kick some Mini tin ass!!!


@Iron, might want to join Planet biker bar motorbike DAKAR info ,it's free also the DAKAR group


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