As of 12-4-12, there has been NO ANNOUNCEMENT from RGM about it's plans for the upcoming 2013 Dakar Rally. The entry list at is NOT the final entry list. With the rally starting in Peru ( instead of Argentina ), it's almost 3,000 miles closer than past rallies for shipping the vehicles. I believe we should hear something official very soon. Keep in mind some of Robby's 2012 Dakar plans didn't take shape until late November / early December 2011.

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I will be very dissapointed if Robby dont race Dakar greetings from Argentina i hope they give us good news the in the next days ROBBY GORDON IS THE DAKAR MAN !!!!

Top ten favorite photo's....

This photo say's it all, every night these guy's busting ass to get it ready....This is Dakar...

From the 2011 version with the original style hatches. Those latches failed causing several problems. THe new one handle latch was fater to use and locked bettter.

New 2012 hatch (with rerouted exhaust and ass kissing) Wow on the cost, $1.33 to the 1.00 E

Times are tough all over, maybe this will meet your budget -

Crap....Great down on another

Copy That

I talked to Paul Broome who competed in the 2007 Dakar (finished 101st) and I remember him saying the 'actual cost' back then was $73K. He furnished the bike and used Marathon Rally for race, mechanical, and bivouac services. Given that, I think $61K is a bit light. It's probably closer to $100K.

and thats for a motorbike!

Robby has to do the Dakar race that's him last year he almost won the race. The Dakar race without Robby it's no fun to watch, even there is a lot of good drivers out there but no one is like him and his hummer.Go Robby!!!!!, you will win this time.....

You WON'T find me touching my lips to this CUP just yet. My doctor told me to hold everything in until the last minute and then let loose all at once, he claims that inocent victims within ear shot benefit the most by getting an education from the lashing of those targeted. My lawyer feels the same way since it's the one and only thing that keeps my business coming his way. However if I were to have a "Cold shaft of broken glass" (guess the quote and win a prize) held to my neck I'd be so inclined as to say at this point that I'm passing out noise makers, bells and whistles and the sort from my booth at the home made pickle convention in celebration of the upcoming race, and then you save them for the BIG ONE. Some folks might not understand the connection and quite frankly there might not even be one but the key here is to "spread the word" as soon as possible and get this Fuc............oooppps almost got started.........tell those who might not be so inclined to even know what the Dakar is about ..........anybody can run around MEXICO screaming how good the Mezcal is but what good would it do. And yes the pickles are F'n great the secret is in the grape leaf stuffed into the jar.


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