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A very important radio program in Argentina, Campeones, that transmit every day directly the race, informs that in this days RB meets with Marcos Patronelli, 2010 Dakar winner in Quads, to make a team for next Dakar. They saids that the meeting included a test of the Hummer in Chile.

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It´s probably that 2012 Dakar begins in Mar del Plata, then to th south of Argentina, to Chile and will end in Peru


This week will be confirmed that next year the Dakar will start in Mar del Plata.

We hope you can come and enjoy Dakar and a very beautifull city.

See you, and very good year

From Argentina


Ok Robby's run'n a Dodge in Nascar , Will we see him in a Jeep for next year's Dakar ? Hummer is no more and a Cherokee has about the same body line's as the Hummer he is running now , it would be an ez switch

The president of Argentina, reported that the 2012 Dakar will be started from the city of Mar del Plata, ending in Peru. As a release, said it may begin on 31/12 and that one day advance check vehicles.,-UN-ANUNCIO-QUE-MOVILIZO-A-MAR...
hi everybody!!
One question : Which body will be the new car of RG for 2012 Dakar rally ?
I know we're only on april but Robby rides Chevy in Off-road and Dodge in Nascar
Perhaps he has a contract to ride a Hummer for few years (i don't know...)
It will be cool to change the body to kill the black cat of 2011... It's a french expression when you have no luck.
Thanx for your answers and sorry for my approximative english...
Oups!!! sorry Jay I just read your post after writing mine....
Any News on whats in store for Team Robby Gordon in Dakar 2012?
Anymore news on Patronelli? Quad to Hummer is a big switch but the big question is what does he bring to the table sponsorship wise? The more $$$ the better the team effort like not having to rely on an outside source to carry spare parts by folks who are obviously color blind. One of the bigger cars in the race (besides the trucks) and bright orange like a caution cone and you miss it? c'mon. I know the third truck was a last minute detail but I hope he sticks to the two origanal Hummers or what ever banner they run under this year. I know there is an over sea's brand in the mix for this year, he's gotta do whatever it takes to make this happen and happen right. Maybe Explorer bodies with Rousch power plants and Trevor Bayne pushing?...........Ok maybe not! They have to be getting close to a departure date I'm curious as to what the entries are going to look like and how much backing he'll be getting financially and pit support from the manufacturer. Questions he maybe waiting for answers to himself. With VW being a privateer effort with some factory support a really strong effort from RG couldn't come at a better time Speculate speculate speculate I guess we'll know when we know.
그것은 새로운 제조 업체 것입니다. 계속 지켜봐 주시기 바랍니다.
WJM, I don't know? I have to say I think you're way off!!
Lol, yeah but what about the the souvenir hauler
Wow. I hate when I get out of tune. Where the hell is that timing light?


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