SUNDAY May 19. Orchardpark New York
1pm about 1500 motorcycles were given the blessing of safety at a shopping mall. Then in an organized parade rode East along Milestrip/RT. 179 and crossing Abbott Road and turning right onto California Road about 1 mile then crossing southwestern Blvd. and arriving at the WINGS OF HOPE picnic grove were food beverages and live entertainment were to be provided. Once the Motorcycles had arrived and the music started the New York State Police set up Road blocks at both ends of California Road and at the end of Ellis street. ...........Thus having all three entrances and exit routes blocked. 95 tickets were handed out 55 helmet one impared. Is this the police state we want to live under where a charity event and gathering of friends new and old are submitted to calculated containment upon where the very roots of our nation are attacked, plundered and harvested like sheep left with only one option that is to "take it"?
Here is a link just type in some of the information here and you can find the area in question...............
"In question" what is "in question"

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Sounds like a "fund raising" event. Curious to know average fine amount.

Has "Wings Of Hope'' recently applied for 501 C 4 status with the IRS?

So, my buddy Chuck was the pres of the local Chamber of Comm.The local boy's and girl's club was in need,not thru mismanagement but because of need.The CofC decides on doing a snowmobile poker run with an auction.Chuck and his employee's do everything to make this happen.The day of the event, Chuck is ask'd who's coming to do security? Chuck ask's security? WTF this is a poker run! Another merchant had donated a used snow machine to the cause. Chuck fires it up and rides it off the trailer over to the auction area. Yep,you got it,old tabs,Police out of nowhere,Chuck get's pop'd with the first of many tickets given.Needless to say, Chuck was pissed,thankfully he spent a lot with the local media.He named names relentlessly. No he didn't do anymore charity work in the valley.

This is what I sent to a Western New York free publication for the motorcycle enthusiasts. they returned my Email right away and said it might make the next issue but I would have to add a heading (Just like this post) about what and where. and that I was writing it as part of the "NEWS" that the local club that was hosting the event ........That I can't do. however here is what I wrote to them and if anyone would like to get a copy of HARDTALES magazine to see what sort stuff they are about PM your addyy and I'll mail you a copy. They are stacked in certain bars and such through out the Buffalo NY area.............without further delay
It would seem that chasing ants around the sidewalk with a magnifying glass has become quite the game. Chewing away at the very roots of the ants society the game is even more fun when the ants have no where to run exept into the path of yet another beam of hot burning severly focused stream of radiation pin pointed at the ants who were only trying to have a little joy in the gentle warmth and soothing complexities of simplistic well meaning everyday life. But no, once that ant made its way onto the sidewalk the life giving sun was turned against it and with no true escape even though escape was never even an after thought what was once peace and goodwill boiled into a struggling fury of contemptment for the abuse of the good lords life giving rays. Where upon the very comfort of knowing the sun was there to give life and joy it was now being wielded like an axe in the hands of a madman. The ants feeling a sense of no wrong were singled out one by one as some, for no other reason than being luckier than the other slipped into the featherings of blades of grass that saw fit to give them reprieve and perhaps with the ever growing strength of the glass would one day be the next harvested reaping. And as the crippled bodys and minds of the victims lay strewn about lifes ever dirtying path the call to arms was haulted and the comfort of knowing "it was there" and will be there at every corner from this day forward became a rancid piece of meat that the ants would be forced to chew with every waking day. And thus the ants walked in the precence of a police state knowing each time they exposed themselves to the joys of the sun, one with the power to focus it may be willing to focus it on them.

You should see what the long arm of the law does around here in Chi-town area, $$$$ and more $$$$

@speedy, we expect dirty dealings from Chicago,bang-bang

What are you gonna do about it......................? Quit yur job and grab another one there are so many around..........start with saying F-U to china goods and do without--cripple that---force the ...........I need more time my steaks are on the guys my take.

The way people are acting in this country I support the law. If it tacks a police state to clean up the streets than so be it. Most folks are crap unless there put in to the spot light and know others are watching. I'm seeing alot of good people come out of the wood work after the tornadoes but where were they before. I don't mean to be mean so don't take this the wrong way.


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