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Back injuries have ended many racing careers.

It is indeed a bummer. I had him figured for being ready to hang up his helmet soon, really a sad way to do it.

I wish him all the best! Of course his immediate plans are to heal up. Next, I bet he chills for a year or so. His comments over the past couple of years indicate that he's been wanting a change. Beyond this, I hope he returns to moto or motorsports in some fashion. He will be good at whatever he puts his mind to.

There's not a lot to regret here. He's still a young man, and he has a lot of life ahead of him. Sure, we all hoped the MXGP season would have gone differently, but that's about it. So what MXGP ended in injury. I feel bad RV has to recover from injury again, but injury is the Achilles Heel of motocross. It happens way to often. It's the subject of what has shaped this year's MXGP season.

Today it's emotional. It's a little sad. It is the end of an era of a great MX rider. But really there is very little to regret.

Enjoy the rest of your life RV. Us fans hope for great things from you - still to come, only because you are so capable. Great things are expected of great people.

RV already making plans to return as a "brand ambassador" for Kawasaki.

Time marches on. Anybody who appreciates RV the racer, will enjoy having him involved in the sport.


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