SUNDAY May 19. Orchardpark New York
1pm about 1500 motorcycles were given the blessing of safety at a shopping mall. Then in an organized parade rode East along Milestrip/RT. 179 and crossing Abbott Road and turning right onto California Road about 1 mile then crossing southwestern Blvd. and arriving at the WINGS OF HOPE picnic grove were food beverages and live entertainment were to be provided. Once the Motorcycles had arrived and the music started the New York State Police set up Road blocks at both ends of California Road and at the end of Ellis street. ...........Thus having all three entrances and exit routes blocked. 95 tickets were handed out 55 helmet one impared. Is this the police state we want to live under where a charity event and gathering of friends new and old are submitted to calculated containment upon where the very roots of our nation are attacked, plundered and harvested like sheep left with only one option that is to "take it"?
Here is a link just type in some of the information here and you can find the area in question...............
"In question" what is "in question"

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Hang in there everyone, the sad thing is(as with anything) we must fall to rebuild.


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