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I can't count that fast not even by tens but as I directed the bikes from this years Blessing to "keep right" I'd have to say it was at least ball park 2000 bikes. With the great weather there was a great turn out however there were several local bikes that are pretty "over the top" that were absent from the parade. Two folks I know first hand broke down on their way in and never made it. Belt on one tire the other. If you ask me and I'm glad you did its more of a formal short ride now and not the after the sun goes down beer blast it once was. First hand I witnessed the evolution of the event and not to knock it in any way it is what it is now and was what it was then. Always no fights...........Well my dad threw a beer in my moms face the one time............and then there was the lady complained her sausage was not cooked enough and after I let it on the grill to her specified time she turned it to "it's too small". That was the last year I cooked and the end of the theatrics. Any way funds raised for Wings of Mercy a couple thousands bikes guy who left I guess rear ended a car went for a flight himself some family was there and saw it not sure how bad but not killed. great year for it sorry no pics there were more hot bikes than hot chicks if you get my drift by at least 100-1. No matter how bad things get you put over 500 bikes at one event and there is put upon us a feeling of lightness. Have you ever felt it?

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