For Immediate Release, January 12, 2014

San Clemente, CA:

Johnny Campbell Racing, Inc (JCR) the most dominate motorcycle
Off-Road racing team to compete in Baja, Mexico, is officially
announcing its withdrawal from SCORE International Baja racing for

Honda has enjoyed participating in Baja competition for over 51 years. Within Honda’s rich Baja racing history racers like Dave Ekins, Al Baker, Bruce Ogilvie, Chuck Miller, Johnny Campbell, Steve Hengeveld, Robby Bell, Kendall Norman, Quinn Cody, Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand and others have amassed over 23 victories in the most grueling Off-Road race in the world. Johnny’s personal record of 11-Overall wins plus 6 as a team owner and manager total an astounding 17-consecutive Baja 1000 victories for Honda, a record that is likely to never be equaled. The JCR/Honda team will be taking on a new set of exciting challenges that will be announced in the near future.

“With so much success over the past two decades of Baja motorcycle
racing, the time has come for us to search out new opportunities and a new set of goals. JCR/Honda has had an amazing experience working with SCORE International and an even better experience living the Baja dream. The extraordinary fans, the great sponsors and supporters all have made this lifestyle a gift I truly cherish.

I have been honored to carry on the legacy of my great mentor - the late Bruce Ogilvie - who's passion for Baja and this program has been carried on through the spirit of this team. The biggest thing that has made JCR and Honda so successful in Baja racing is the JCR/Honda race support crews, they are the backbone of this program. Without the selfless sacrifices of the pit captains and crews we would be nowhere. If just one crew person is not in the right place at the right time, the wins and championships would not have been obtainable. I sincerely thank each and everyone who has stood hand in hand with myself and the JCR/Honda team through the decades of dominance. Our new direction will be announced shortly. I have no doubt this will be an amazing year."

With absolute respect to all,

Johnny Campbell

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Wow, I was not expecting this,how about you Will?

Surprised, but not too much. This is was was pretty much predicted when Rodger took over. Keep an eye on the PP thread for inside stuff.



planet premium?

You guy's are making my head hurt. Yes PP stands for Planet Premium. PPBBT is where you can find out what happened today if you were reading it yesterday. Leave a tip for TOG on the way in and don't piss off the bouncer!

And the KTM camp rejoices.

Hah!. No kiddin'.

Wow, that's a shocker! Can't wait to hear about where they are headed though.

2012 David KAMO / Colton UDALL / Timmy WEIGAND (Honda)
2011 Quinn CODY / Logan HOLLADAY / Kendall NORMAN (Honda)
2010 Quinn CODY / Kendall NORMAN (Honda)
2009 Quinn CODY / Kendall NORMAN / Timmy WEIGAND (Honda)
2008 Johnny CAMPBELL / Robby BELL / Kendall NORMAN (Honda)
2007 Johnny CAMPBELL / Steve HENGEVELD / Robby BELL / Kendall NORMAN (Honda)
2006 Steve HENGEVELD / Mike CHILDRESS / Quinn CODY (Honda)
2005 Johnny CAMPBELL / Steve HENGEVELD / Mike CHILDRESS (Honda)
2004 Johnny CAMPBELL / Steve HENGEVELD (Honda)
2003 Johnny CAMPBELL / Steve HENGEVELD (Honda)
2002 Johnny CAMPBELL / Steve HENGEVELD / Andy GRIDER (Honda)
2001 Johnny CAMPBELL / Tim STAAB (Honda)
2000 Johnny CAMPBELL / Steve HENGEVELD / C. SMITH / T. STAAB (Honda)
1999 Johnny CAMPBELL / Tim STAAB (Honda)
1998 Johnny CAMPBELL / Jimmy LEWIS (Honda)
1997 Greg BRINDLE / Johnny CAMPBELL / Tim STAAB (Honda)

Wow thanks Will

January 14, 2014

Torrance, CA: American Honda and Johnny Campbell Racing (JCR) are pleased to announce a multi-year sponsorship agreement that will see JCR Honda competing in the Grand National Cross Country series (GNCC), the largest and one of the most prestigious off-road racing series in the U.S.

“For us, it’s really all about new challenges,” said Ray Conway Motorcycle Race Director. “Honda has dominated the SCORE series for decades, and has won the Baja 1000 23 times, including the last 17 consecutive events. JCR has spearheaded this effort for years, and Johnny has a long record of victories in Baja, including 11 Baja 1000 wins. Now it’s time for us to look for new challenges, just as Honda has with our recent involvement in the world rally championship, and the GNCC series is one of the most professional and competitive off-road series here in the U.S.”

“I am very excited for the new direction and new challenges,” said Johnny Campbell. “I have always admired the GNCC series, from the professionalism of the series directors, the extraordinary attendance at each round, the high levels of media exposure and the teams and racers. I am also excited to announce that we recently signed top GNCC rider Chris Bach. Chris is a fast, young talent and a very methodical racer who fits our program perfectly. I’m really looking forward to racing in a new atmosphere with new fans at some great venues. I have no doubt that this will be an amazing year.”


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