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In a press conference held yesterday in Japan by the president of HRC, Tetsu Suzuki, and reserved for the local media, this showed the first images of what will be the bike that Honda officially returns to Dakar. The quality of the images are not particularly good, but in this case it's novelty.

Suzuki also explained some details about the evolution and development work to be carried out by engineers. The bikes will be presented for the first time in public in the next room Cologne to be held the first week of October in the German city.

As we advance in Solo Moto, will not be racing debut in the Rally of the Pharaohs as planned at first, but in Morocco which is held two weeks later.

According to the explanations of the bike HRC president is now in its fifth evolution. In July last much of the staff assigned to the project traveled to Argentina to monitor tests in the South American country were making their future opponents. In Peru were also recognizing the ground. According to Suzuki, became impressed with the performance of the official KTM.

As for the Honda riders, provided by chief, HRC align 5 pilots, none of them Japanese, and being the most prominent Portuguese rider Helder Rodrigues, who finished third in the latest edition of the rally, with a Yamaha. The team will be recorded as HRC Team and manager of the structure will be headed by T. Yamazaki, designer off-road bikes Honda.

Besides the development of technology, something always present in HRC's participation in any sport, Suzuki President explained that his official presence in Dakar Honda aims ultimately to increase sales in the South American market.

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As well as getting the bikes figured out, I really hope HRC can step up on the PR videos. Take a cue from the Speedbrain Husky guys - you can hear the bikes and riders. The HRC videos are annoying with the 70's porno sound tract, with no exhaust and no rider comments.
At least HRC has some good photos-

Johnny Campbell race report: stage 6 final 9k liaison 170k special

"Today was a very nice treat. It rained just enough to keep the dust off the track in most places the shorter stage was a nice way to cap off a great week of rally racing. This stage was more technical as it wound thru a mountain pass on a narrow road. There were many dangers, crossing many ditches. Not sure what my finish was but it was a nice ride today. The final 1k was thru a tricky dune section. Myself: I felt a little tired today maybe anticipating being finished for the week. Navigation was easier today with not much off piste (track). Really looking forward to getting home and seeing my family. I had a blast this week, getting lost, navigating treacherous dunes, over coming the rocky tracks of Morocco. The Team came along way this week, gelling, and learning what we need to do before Dakar to be prepared.
Now the journey begins for the good ol' USA. Thank you to Team HRC for the great opportunity."

-- Johnny Campbell

Awesome Video. Makes me wanna buy a CRF. LOL! Helder seems like a really cool dude.

With Quinn Cody having broken his leg in the 1000, he will not be racing in Dakar. I had been waiting to confirm the rumor that he would be on a Speedbrain Husky, but alas today what could have been has been confirmed as not to be.
After the collapse of the project Bordone-Ferrari , pilots quickly searched options for participation in the Dakar Rally with sufficient collateral. Both Farrés -the first-and Viladoms -after- managed to find a team that ensures the bike and test assistance. The last to leave the 'Titanic', Italian Alessandro Botturi, the best rookie in the last edition of the Dakar , has also found a team, and after shuffling their chances with a KTM or hire a private team with a Honda Franco Mayr (HM-Zanardo), has finally seen the serious injury of American Quinn Cody has opened the doors in an official team. It will be the KTM team, although the American has participated in some tests this 2012 with the Austrian brand, but the Husqvarna Speedbrain . It was the surprise announcement that they wanted to make the leaders of the Italian-German mark in early December (the signing of Quinn Cody), but a drop in the Baja 1000, where he injured his femur in his right leg , left him out of action for the Dakar.
thus late, the Speedbrain has sought a replacement for the team, and is about Alessandro Botturi . The Italian, who is currently training in Tunisia, expressed his joy after confirming they will be in Lima (Peru), the output of the rally: "It was a fluke. I was looking for the Dakar team after what happened with the Bordone-Ferrari and I have received this opportunity in Speedbrain. This is great news, it's best we could hope for: to enter an official team. I hope not to disappoint " .


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