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Puyallup was the first 'real' race track I ever raced on as a CMC mini-B rider in 1975.
I normally send this stuff to WJM, I'm thinking there's a group that may enjoy this.

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trivia question-what riding technique is displayed in the photo section that is not common by today's riders?

Got me. Sitting down. Foot down. I don't know what to tell you other than having both pure vintage, post vintage, and evo bikes, all require a different riding style. What is kind of ass-backwards is you spend more time on the pegs with a long travel bike and more in the saddle with a short travel bike. It seems like it should be the opposite.

Ain't that the truth....and where leathers were actually made of leather!

LMAO, I didn't ask riding swag.

Open face helmet and a Jofa?

Those are cool pics Mike, thanks for sharing. That Roger DeCoster guy was the man in the 1970's.

Honestly, Roger's impact on the sport of Motocross is as big today as it was 40 years ago.IMO

Ok, I've given plenty of time for guess's. Answer- Toe Drag


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