Chilly has a good write up here -
Note the substitution of Mark Samuels for David Kamo on the 1x. Mark has the speed to run with the big dogs, but the question I have is; does he have the experience to knock out his section and keep the team in the hunt? If he does, he has a good chance to earn a spot on the "A" team. With that question and the addition of Kendall Norman to the KTM squad, I'm going to change up my usual pick and go with the KTM this time. Heck I'm even going to go so far so far as to change my usual side pick that the TT's or a Class 1 will beat the bikes on time this year.
Let's see your picks!

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I'm think'n

I think I have to agree with Chilly on the safety aspects of this scheduling move. I mean, come on, no pre-running the first 40 miles? Then start them in the dark? One wonders what Roger's been drinking.

Don't know many riders so I'll pick by make I'll go with team Honda .

I just read Chilly's thoughts. He nailed it,IMO. As I was looking the schedule I was think'n,DAMN, start in the dark,finish in the dark,how the fuck is that safer?Less support at night,this doesn't look good.
I hope it's not what my minds eye is seeing.
Still no pick

Night start. No prerunning. I'm an old school racer but that would be enough for me to skip it.

I'll go with a dark horse: 9X AJ Stewart, Justin Morgan, Chris Brown....

It looks like they will open pre running of the first 20 miles on Thursday. Some other things to consider; the rider who qualifys the bike will have to start the bike. The qualifying format could throw some other classes into the mix, making the night time dust spread out the field more than what we are used to seeing. This will put a premium on night time speed to see if anyone can gap the field by sunrise. There's another side bet just in that. I say the Kawasaki is in front at 6:00 am Friday.

where are we on our beer bets?

I'm pretty sure its even. I don't think anyone has the time it would take to research the history on all of those lol.

Ok, so
WJM has 9x
MJ has 1x
sounds like Will is taken 4x ?
I'll go 2x

Original post I picked 2x for the win, 4x is my pick to lead 6:00 Monday. So that still leaves the 4x for the win pick open.
WJM 9x
MJ 1x
Mike and Will 2x

I'll revise my pick to the 4x.
Honestly all the teams have a strong line up of talent

It really will come down to who has the fewest problems and perfect logistics.


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