This will be a good one for sure. I'm going with my usual pick of JCR for the win (but you all knew my pick already). Timmy has been on fire this year, leading the Big 6 West Coast GP series, and Colton seems to be getting his groove back after his crash at last years 500. I'm not sure if David Kamo will be making the trip down from Idaho or not.

2x is my bet for 2nd, Kurt is killing it in the National Hare and Hound this year, and Ivan has been living and training with Kurt. Ivan just keeps getting faster every race.

Robby Bell has been smoking the field in the WORCS races, and Pearson and Hengeveld can be counted on to run strong. New to Baja is Taylor Robert and this kid is super fast, we will see how fast he learns the tricks of Baja.

The word in the desert is the 14x of Kendall Norman and Ryan Abbatoye will be a KTM. If this is true, we are waiting to see if it would be a team effort (?).

Will there be penalty's up the wazoo like in the 250 ? What will the bypass for the Sportsman class play into the Pro race if the fastest Sportsmen get back on in front of the Pro's ? The best updates should be from Breauxman on fb -
I will be at a different race with my son and will try to check in if PR has the chat up from my phone, but you know how well that works, this will be fun to follow regardless
Saturday at 6:00 AM PST at 30 second intervals -.

CLASS 22 (11)
4x Robby Bell
13x Nicola Dutto
1x Timmy Weigand – (DC)
6x Mark Adams
2x Kurt Caselli – (DC)
14x Kendall Norman
7x Arron Wright
29x Eric Saltzer
9x A.J. Stewart
8x Mark Samuels
15x Chuck Neugebauer

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Thankx for posting this will I'm starting to not know as many rider names as I used to, need to change that and pay more attention to who's who

Gotta go with Mr. Caselli.. I noticed too that he has been riding well this year. Of course, JCR has been dominate over the past decade at Baja..

Here's the answer on David Kamo -
Nice looking lid!

This race is going to be Epic. I gotta go 1X as well.
Will, is 15X the KX500 that pulled out of the 250? I really wanna see that guy run & finish!

No, Jeff. I'm not sure what Chuck Neugebauer is on. The KX that belongs to my buddy in in reserve for another day.

1. Kurt Caselli
2. Robby Bell
3. Tim Wiegand

More answers here. If you don't recognise the faces, pay attention to the number plates.

That makes 3 KTM's

I'm declining to pick,based on my previous picks ,I have no idea who will win.It looks to be a hell of a race. I will take Robby to beat the bikes for the overall,just.

If the sportsman bikes get in front of the leaders and form a rolling dust cloud / squid sideways in the track roadblock, that could be the right pick! Nobody has picked the 4x or the 14x for the win yet, and I see a 5 way horse race.

Looks to be a helluva battle for the bikes. I really like how Caselli's been riding. The fight for the top 3 will be 1x, 2x and 4x I think.

It would nice if the other teams were willing to share which rider is doing which section.

Thanks for posting this Will


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