The winners have been selected for the Toyo tagline contest that was run here a few months ago. Each winner will recieve a Robby Gordon/Toyo Tires shirt sent directly from Toyo Tires. The list of winners will be revealed right here on June 6th, prior to the start of the 2009 Baja 500 . Good Luck !

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You don't need luck, when you run TOYO tires. What do you think TOG. Ha.
too late for entries, but it is good.
Does Ramses have a picture of the winner's free shirt?
I will try to get one. great suggestion.
Find out too if they are available for sale!! Been looking for a good RG off-road shirt but the one I like on only is in size large.. the 2008 Off-road Tee. I could try to fit into but it'd probably look like a muscle shirt, and I don't think that's muscle in my gut.. :(
Go to, click on store, look in the apparel for gilidian shirts. Find this one...

This is not the 1st one they've had, plus they are a great buy.

Ramses, better put in another order
nice add. I am not sure if this is the shirt or nor.
Heck yeah they are a good buy, there's alot of stuff on there dirt cheap. Good find Mike, I'm gonna have to order something!!
ya on good find i ordered some stuff


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