2009 Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Drawing Results

* Denotes Points Champion

11 Greg Nunley
3 Mark Post
1 B.J. Baldwin
12 Brian Collins
19 Tim Herbst
77 Robby Gordon
24 Adam Householder
35 Robbie Pierce
13 Ed "Clyde" Stout
4 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr.
2 Pete Sohren
84 Nick Vanderwey
8 Roger Norman
39 Ron Whitton
22 Damen Jefferies
38 Garron Cadiente
16 Cameron Steele
71 Rick D. Johnson
96 Bobby Baldwin
28 Alan Pflueger
47 James Bult
53 Jason Voss
51 Kory Scheeler
74 Rob Bruce
From http://www.score-international.com

Looks like Robby will start 6th.. good draw!!

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thats a good starting position
hey tog you know if the truck is ready to go,have they gone testing?
If he passes those trucks in front of him, he'll know he's really fast!!
Much better than being in the back. He will be motivated to a great finish.
He couldn't have started any worse than 10th. The top 10 finishers from the last Baja race get a separate drawing.
Herbst should be their new truck and I doubt it will make it far, plus Troy is the one to worry about.
Hopefully he won't hit some shit in the dust like last year.
If BJ's Kroyer powertrain doesn't let him down, he will be hard to beat.
Like robby would say " we are gonna win or break"
to mile 35-40 the back defnse of herbst not any more on the bach of his tt jejejejej


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