Overall standings after San Felipe 250

Top Ten

1. Robby Gordon 125
2. Mark Post 104
3. Adam Householder 103
4. Ed Stout 101
5. Greg Nunley 96
6. Brian Collins 95
7. B.J. Baldwin 81
8T. Robbie Pierce 71
8T. Cameron Steele 71
10T. Chet Huffman 64
10T. Roger Norman 64

Robby is running away with it... but remember, a driver will get 30 points just for starting the Baja 500, and 40 points if they finish plus whatever points they get for position so the overall points could tighten up in a hurry. As long as Rob starts and finishes he should stay near the top after the Baja 500. Tim Herbst (60pts) is outside of the top ten in 12th...

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thank you for the update
No problem.. pretty darn excited about the SCORE season!! If you look at it, Robby and his clone truck driven by Householder are 1st and 3rd.. must be doing something right!!
Robby's ex truck, Riviera Racing is in 2nd, so there is 3 really great Trucks built by Robby haha
did householder buy mcmillins old robby sister truck or who built householders truck?
Thanks for the update and I hope Robby has a good run at Baja, no mechanical problems or flipping the truck. Joan


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