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I know Baja Bob is going to be racing the #1 TT at Laughlin according to the SCORE entry list. Any possiblility that Robby might be able to get back in time to race Laughlin on Sunday, January 17th? Purely spectulation but I would imagine if Robby can make it back, BJ will be right there with him...

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According to Beccy Gordon via her twitter feed today, yes he will try to get back and race Sunday.
Seems like he had a couple of days to rest after the conclusion of the 2009 Dakar before racing in Laughlin. Hope he doesn't suffer from too much jet lag and fatigue. Robby just never stops, does he?
hmmm. looks like Christina and I need to go back to our original plan and go. anyone else going??
Seems both RG and BJ are going to make it back to race on Sunday -
I hear Robby's 2007 Baja 1000 partner Dale Ebberts is to drive 11 of 12 laps. How Robby or Bob will work into all of this I'm not sure.
From today: Baja Bob

who is the]is guy Steve Kendall, and how did he fare today?


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