In the interview from the  TORR  radio show,which can be found on the main page, Robby announced that his team is shooting for the March 26-27 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam NGK Spark Plugs World Finals in Las Vegas to make their debut.

Check the Monster Jam site for ticket info.

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sweet, i have tickets..for the kids, i bought back in june and now im way exited to go
Now that Robby is there I think i'll buy tickets....
I'm going to ask my mom and dad for that trip for my birthday present
Hope you get the Monster Jam trip for your birthday Noah!
so is robby going to be driving because that would be awesome
maybe he will practice in the MWR parking lor before the event......
Hey TOG when will the announcement be for sure? I dont wanna dump $200 is Robby wont be there...
No, according to Fly, who has been staying on top of the Monster truck stuff, they wont be ready by Vegas.
Aw man that sucks!! I thought they were buying a truck for him to play in at Vegas so they didnt rush the truck theyre building??


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