Just read official driver line up for Monster Jam. Robby Gordon is not listed????

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He was never was intended to be one of the 24 competing drivers. The truck build also has been delayed and will not be ready for the World Finals. Not sure when/where it will debut.
Thanks for the update. Hoped that he would be there and let Terry Labonte qualify car in Martinsville for guaranteed starting spot.
That's not a bad idea even now. I know he only has to beat out a few crappy teams (which he SHOULD do) but I always am worried about his qualifying. Especially at a place where a 10th means the difference between 1st and 20th...
Debut the new truck at either Atlanta or (my choice) the Alamo Dome, but that would mean no MONSTER JAM events for RGM untill later this or early next year, but as I understand the MJ season, mid- dec to the last event WORLD FINALs the last week in March, there are no events untill then anyway. Heard about a new event run by Feld moto. where the focus is totaly freestyle with no racing at the events.....dunno if that season is the at the same times or if RGM is running that brand or the more common events, but with football and baseball teams playing inseason there arnt many big time venues open untill mid dec anyway. I cant wait untill RGM has that wicked truck out there, even if RG isnt the driver. Got a feeling that it will be the first of the next generation of monster trucks.
Monster Jam runs just about year-round, but does a few overseas tours in the summer-fall. Oct-Dec is mainly their slow time. The Freestyle Maina tour was from Jan-Mar, and mostly run at smaller indoor venues (under 10,000 people)

There are a few summer US stadium shows after the World Finals, but no idea how they'd fit with RG's plans. The existing RGM truck is based around the existing chassis that are run now. If they build a 2nd one in-house, that one could be fairly advanced. Frank Schettini builds killer trucks of his own, and I'd love to see what he could come up with using RGM's resources.
Well, Im of to vegas , 14 hour drive. Taking the kids there for spring break and MONSTER JAM, and the MINT 400

Too bad we wont see Robby, but maybe next year. y kids are a little bummed, but the understand

That sounds like quite a weekend!! Have fun!


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