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Eliseo was able to fix the left rear wheel broken caliper and bring 327 safe to home.
Another chilean team navigator asist him and Steve!!
Complete history here:

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Thanks for sharing the story Gerardo. Also, thanks to Jorge & Juan Paul Latrach for stopping to help!
In English?

However, before long all that changed, as the left rear wheel brake caliper completely failed and go through the side of the car.  They stopped and saw that the matter was complicated.

Started working, and some minutes later, came the Chilean crew of Jorge Latrach and son Juan Pablo, who stopped to offer assistance. The latter got out, and with great courage, proceeded to help disarm the heavy portamasa assisted by Steve Hummer. While Eliseo and Jorge made significant efforts to stop the cars coming up behind, as  they were standing in a danger zone. "Hopefully they will not hit us" mused the the ex-F1 pilot.

They had already lost much time when fixed the problem and returned to the route. In the 70 km final, advancing to the heavy truck race was a chore that made them lose too much time. However, in the middle of the stage, once solved the problem, Salazar was making good time recovering even partial ranking between 14 and 15 points overall in certain sections of the stage.

"I feel better physically. I have already hungry and I'm eating. Today was a shame as we were very good, but these things happen. Today began the real Dakar. For Chilean stages and hope to be going well for lost time today, "said Eliseo once got out of Team Gordon Hummer.

looks like someone needs to double check when tighting bolts


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