Yazeed's Back Breaker. No one has ever crashed like this before!

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That musta hurt !! Makes mine fell better already.


for sure it did hit bottom hard, not the suspension, the chassis or cabin,. that's why you don't see it bounce, that's what I think it happened,. low pressure on tires, soft sand, and huge drop. back breaker. ouch!!

Interesting, I went to view the videos of the Robby Gordon drop-off roll from Dakar 2013, and all of them are gone. Bummer. The one with the in-car footage is/was a great video.

maybe not on this site but on youtube they still are.

I don't get it. Looks like the nose hit first, then the rear hit....must have just been a funny angle/something - it doesn't look like that serious of a hit...but, then - it's easy to say that from my seat.

Looking forward to the NBC broadcast tomorrow!

its the sudden stop that gets you.....

Need "air breaks" yuk, yuk, yuk

@ DH Hahaha!

Was watching some other Dakar vids on YouTube. Robby and Yazeed are not the only ones to drive off these dune cliffs. Look at how Yazeed's cliff is just a little pocket of cliff in an otherwise fairly smooth looking area. I know that's why this video footage even exist. The innocent spectators, with their big innocent eyes know just where to watch and point the camera.

My sense is that the 4wd cars, such as the Minis, race at a steady pace. The buggies on the other hand have slow and fast spots. The buggies and especially the Hummers are much more fun to watch, but I think we still have a ways to go until the buggies dominate.

RG said that the sand is very different with the 2wd, because you really have to stay on the throttle to keep from sinking, and getting stuck.

At the Dakar, the 4wd cars will usually stop at crests to see what on the other side. The 2wd cars jump it glamis style.

momentum is king in the sand... especially with 2wd

Bummer for them. Hate to see people get hurt. Really didn't appear too much of a jolt but obviously it was enough. 286000 views. Crazy


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