So is there a reason that Robby is not on this list? I mean I like the list and the car count but where is Robby F'n Gordon!

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He runs the show, he didn't need to be invited. He will be there I'm sure

Kinda bummed that Block & Foust aren't gonna be trying their hand at the SSTs as well.

I'm sure this isn't the definitive list - event is still 2 months away. But 17-18 racers will make for a pretty cool event.

IMO this is the most important event on the schedule for the growth of the series.

Agreed. The exposure and coverage will be so huge, it's important to put on a good show.

Getting guys int the trucks that know how to race them will be a big part of putting on a good show. You drop Block or Faust into a car without proper practice and they are going to look lame. Getting guys who have raced these before will be a big boost.

You think so? Its basically a rally car. Look how fast much less skilled drivers have picked it up such as Arie. No offense to him, but if he caught on quickly, think about someone with credentials like Faust.

It's a RWD with 400 horse, and runs incredibly loose. Arie had a ton of seat Tim, but he was still mainly a backmarker.

Block would be more of just a marketing draw but I think Foust could be pretty competitive

Funniest looking, handling and most durable rally car I've ever seen.... Arie had tons of seat time to get kind of competitive.

Many more names will be on the invite list.

Is the Austin,Tx event an exhibition race ... or is it a sanctioned SST championship-points race?  SST contestants don't need invitations ... or so I'm led to believe.

points race too.


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