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With the passing of Cotton Owens I thought....................

I thought that I would staple up a notice that I dig vintage race car stuff. Left to your own devices it would be a great service to yourself to delve into the mans accomplishments and contributions to the sport. As the elders of the sport slowly slip off shore and into the distant awaiting arms of mortality I come to an inner jest in thinking of what the madness is in racing when placed at the opposite end of the spectrum of mechanical know know the machines, the men, and what goes wrong. For those who brought us the greatness such as Cotton Owens , Shelby and others there too stands in high regard to the spectators, many if not closer to all, those who brought us the part of racing that is truly, the jagged edge. So I give you a taste of what the racers without fame have to offer.

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Cotton was a bad man, like many of his era. These Marys out there today couldn't carrry these guys' pit boards. There are the rare exceptions, the throwbacks (like RG), but most of these corporate paid crybaby spokesmen couldn't turn a lap in those cars, let alone run up front in them. They get the sniffles everytime one of their custom fitted machines wiggles. Can you imagine David Pearson crying over the radio like a Busch clown about "wah, my car's junk, wah!"?!?!?! Those boys aren't the only ones cryin.......

That was good and your right D.Pound 7., that's the problem i have with the irl. Racing is dangerous and to do what there doing takes away from our sport. Race hard or die trying comes to mind, don't mean to be mean.


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