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As a huge fan of RGM. I would like to see him run more Nationwide races. I know money is extremely tight. But I know he would run well. Maybe a run for the championship. Then do more high profile Cup races. But that's just me wishing. Go Robby in whatever you drive.

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First and foremost,Robby has a 'CUP' team.Second, have you seen the purse money in N/W?

its very low!

I'm happy we get at least 1 NW race a year from RG.

Road course,unfinsihed business!?

I was lucky enough to see Robby win 1 of his 2 career Nationwide wins in person.

His other win I watched on TV...screaming at the TV and cursing NASCAR.

Will never happen...

Kyle Busch earned $64,550 for winning the Nationwide race at pheonix last year while Joe Nemechek earned $64,597 for finishing in last place in the cup race on the same weekend.

Really ;-)

On top of that NASCAR increased the NW entry fee's and drivers license fees by 25% this year and the payout has not increased. In fact in 2011 NASACR reduced the NW payout and cut some of the TV money out of the NW series, which has not returned this year, Add all that to a series that also decreased the series by 2 races for 2012. Many teams who have had contracts with sponsors and that sold their sponsor package as a 35 race schedule have had to go back and deduct two races worth of sponsorship money. Just because you have two less entry fees, and race track expenses does not mean your shop rent, electric bills or employee salary's were reduced by two races.

I dont know if this is actually true or not, and I assume it depends of Sponsorship money and how established you are in the series. But I was told that percentage wise the truck series has a better profit margin then NW right now. And the tear system scale should be CUP, NW then Trucks and it is not. As most have said you are better off S&P a CUP car then trying to run a successful NW team. My understanding is this is why Harvick got out of both trucks and NW as he could have made a better return on S&P a Cup car with less overhead.

The thing you gotta realise though is Joe Nemechek starts and parks his sprint cup ride so he can help fund his nationwide team effort and etc...there was a whole article on nemco motorsports news letter on it...I remember reading he actually doesn't profit anything from the sprint cup side. The only money he makes is when he has a sponsor on the nationwide side. The spare sponsorship money he gets in cup goes straight back into his team. This is what I remember from the Nemco Website

Joe runs the N/W series , Robby runs off road. I prefer the off-road racing becouse Robby is the show.

Agreed Mike.

"Give the Governor a Harumph"!


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