I think about our guys 2008 season. His solid super-speedway finishes, the improvement on the 1.5 milers and it seems that the team gained alot throughout the season. Looking to 2009 and the testing rule(helps us), Toyota's commitment to team information transparency and the fact that small, low funded teams are now more appealing to sponsors and it would paint a great picture for 2009. Am I alone here on this or does anyone else see a top 20 points year brewing with maybe a win at a road course or Super-Speedway?

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I dont know if we can hope for much more then a top 26-30 in points at the end of the year. I'm not looking to be negative, but I am looking at the past results. RGM does well for a 1 car team. But what they need to focus on is consistency. The only way they will ever be able to be a top 20 team will be because they are running consistent. Just think what an average 20th place finish would do for RGM and where they could finish in points. Easy top 20 in points with just averaging 20th place in the races. What Robby has to get away from is running bad at the start then going one lap down only to run decent in the last 100 laps. Once Robby goes one lap down it seems very hard for him to get his laps back.In 2002 Robby average a finish of 21.1 and he finished the season 20th in points. In 2003 when Robby won 2 races he averaged a 19.7 finishing position and finished 16th in points.

My prediction is 0 wins 3 top 5's, 6 top 10's and 27th in points, and this would be an improvement over past years.

Year Races Wins Top5's Top 10's Poles Season points
2005 29 of 36 0 1 2 0 37th
2006 36 of 36 0 1 3 0 30th
2007 35 of 36 0 1 2 0 26th
2008 36 of 36 0 0 3 0 33rd
A difference this year though Nikal, is the near certainty of a good number of races with start and park entries. There's only something like 36 fully funded full time teams, so barring DNF's, beating the backmarkers should be easy, and should boost the average finish position by a few spots.
Definitley, I think he could be around the 18-25 range in points( not sounding crazy or shooting to big) but I just think RG in a Toyota, with some Factory support, & that new testing rule( not that the other teams aren't testing, just not dialing things in on the exact track) it's gonna cause teams to have to adapt- and I think that's where RG is going to catch em' a bit. Also thinking with the current economy, some teams, not all, are going to have some big changes, where area's the change for RGM seem's to definitley be for the better, they are probably one of the best at running on a limited budget, nothing new to them. Also, looking back at 08', it's been said before and I agree, seem's like RG had a whole lot go on for one year, and didn't do too bad. 22nd in Pts. when it's all said and done ( I know- out there, but just feeling it)
I know this is off base (alot of resonses to this forum) but, with the shootout if the 22 doesn't run the 7 could be the wildcard and why waiste time in a dodge when you can be in a Toyota??????????????
My other prediction/Thought........

Robby has a much better shot at winning at a plate track this year over a Road Course....I think the last couple of years has moved Robby to be about the 10th-14th fastest on a Road Course....his plate stuff is top 5........

Don't get me wrong...I'd love to see him do well everywhere....I just think we have a better shot in Victory Lane at Talladega/Daytona..........I'd give both Road Courses to start the Year off with a Big Ol Holly shit Robby won Daytona....
Just finishing in the top ten more would be a good step forward. I think that he can do and he needs to. As for a win, I would love him to get one but that will require a bit of luck. I think this year will top 2006 which was his best year out on his own. I also feel retaining a lot of the guys will me big for him. Zippy is cautiously optomistic for ' 09 folks !!!


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