I think about our guys 2008 season. His solid super-speedway finishes, the improvement on the 1.5 milers and it seems that the team gained alot throughout the season. Looking to 2009 and the testing rule(helps us), Toyota's commitment to team information transparency and the fact that small, low funded teams are now more appealing to sponsors and it would paint a great picture for 2009. Am I alone here on this or does anyone else see a top 20 points year brewing with maybe a win at a road course or Super-Speedway?

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I definately this a restrictor plate win is possible. He's been strong at Daytona but even stronger at Talladega. I see it happening at Dega. And he has been so close the last few years at road courses. I hope he wins one race this year two would be amazing. GAS ON
Gas On My Brothers and Sisters...Gas on..TOG, any comment? Im kinda bummed we losk Kirk but Robby knows what hes doing.
Kirk is the crew chief
I will absolutely shit a brick if Robby wins a race this year.

I mean, not to down him by any means, but only 1/43 can win any given week so just one again would be such an accomplishment. But like 7Gordon7 said, a plate race win is not out of the realm of possibility--particularly if Jimmie and Carl, and most importantly Tony with his new team, are not testing.
The chances get better with every quality team that folds. It's more like a 1/30 shot now.
All of the crew returning intact from the end of last season, for the most part, will provide a certain amount of continuity that has been lacking at RGM in years past. Team chemistry is where the magic begins. We all know RG can drive. We know Kirk can crew chief, that was evident by the teams' improvement at the tail end of last season. If RGM can quickly adapt to the ins and outs of the Toyota package, we will be in for a great season. With the COT, switching manufacturers should be a smooth transition. Tough to say where the #7 will finish the season, but I do see the chance to get more top ten runs out of this group. RG can make better luck for himself if he runs with the leaders and is close at the finish!! Is a win unreasonable to expect? I don't know.. but that's why they run the races.
Robby has top-notch equipment and of course his motors will be better than what he had in 2008( although the Penske motors were very nice, I just think the Toyota power is the best ) .
It seems that way. The Dodge teams were behind on development and Toyota is at the cutting edge of engine technology. I think everything Robby did late last year was in the old Dodge motor as well, not the new.
To me it all depends on how well Robby can qualify this year. Seems to me the guys the qualify up front...finish up front.......I think if Robby brings the same qualifying packages that he did last year..we see more of the same, it's hard to pass with this car and hard to finish well when you are ALWAYS racing to get back on the lead lap. If he can qualify well, then he can start making adjustments and startagey calls for good finishes...racing to get back on the lead lap is a different game than racing to get good finishes....

I thought somebody was saying that Kirk is CC for Sauter in a Truck this year?
Kirk is Robbys crew chief this year. Walter Giles is in the truck series.
that was it......my brain cells still haven't recouped from the Ol College days........

Good...I feel better about qualifying then,....I think kirk made some good progress especially on the 1.5's
I totally agree about qualifying! Also, Tim, Walter Giles apparently is going to truck with Sauter.


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