Planet Robby

2017 Robby Gordon Headquarters

UPDATE: NO Knock Out Qualifying...two entries withdrew so all 43 cars are locked in.

Challenge Question only: Which driver will cause the first caution? (Debris caution won't count. Only the first caution caused by a driver.)

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My picks:

Derrick Cope & Dennis Setzer fail to qualify
First Caution caused by AJ Allmendinger
38 and 66 DNQ

first caution - Bayner
Who the hell is Bayner ????

"Gutsy's move I have ever seen"
wow !!!!!!!!
Not trying to be a copy-cat but the 71#, and the 75# will go home...

As far as the first caution........6# car
71 Hermie Sadler Chevy Eco-Fuel Saver
75 Derriek Cope Dodge TBA

the 21 will be the first to cause a caution
Fail to Qualify: Hermie Sadler & Derriek Cope (or Doug Cope, as Ned Jarrett calls him)
Will cause 1st caution: Robby Gordon (by wrecking someone)
Dang! 3 people already think Robby will cause the first yellow... GEEZ!
the #21 will cause the first's his first time to Mville...

Think back to David Ragan's first time to Mville ......
dart without feathers.


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