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Alright, I'm sayin..........I am missing the show anybody else?

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I really enjoy watching Speedfactory. It's become a regular show around my place.
I am guessing there will not be any new episodes when the team is start and parking.
Its been at a eveyr 2 -3 week schedule for over a month now. Maybe after Montreal & crandon a new episode will come out, all rolled up in one.
Man there is some great video right here on this site. The 2010 San Felipe Test video, love how Robby is running along pinned, then some woop's off the gas- nose in the air and then- down looking at nothing but sand. Holy crap............yep there was a moment.
Maybe this week we will get to see a new episode? Hope so.....
We are looking for a home for the show. The general feeling is that we know there is interest in the "behind the scenes" at a NASCAR shop and because RGM is so versatile and a "one of a kind" in motor sports, we are are hopeful to find a home for it this fall on a cable network. Keep writing the letters to Speed and other outlets!! Thanks for your support!
Glad to hear it Rowdy! Keep up the good work! I think Speedfactory TV gives us all Stippys
Hey Rowdy just wanted to say thanks for the great job you're doing.
I'd like to thank all of you who follow Robby and Speed Factory. The goal is to get the show on TV where we can work with a proper budget and make a kick ass show. All of the elements are definitely there...
Great concept and marketing tool!
Let us know if you need some original music for your shows!
Nope...thanks go to you brother!!! I just dig the show


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