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Whats the update from the RGM camp for the Baja 1000.... If Rob's running do we know with what yet?
T-Truck or the Hummer? I know its not until Nov. but not much to talk about on the Nascar side of things....

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Baja yes, TT or Jeep.Good question.
Need to get thru the Robby Gordon Speed Energy Desert Challenge first
Probably going to run his trophy truck
any insight into branding, chewy or Dodge?
Dodge I hope. That would mean he has some factory backing.
I'd love to see a Dodge Durango for Dakar the same wheelbase and configuration as the hummer but with a Dodge HEMI motor and Durango sheetmetal THAT WOULD LOOK SO FRICKEN AWESOME . Plus now that Dodge is back in short course racing why not a PRO-2 also :~)
bummer......ive always loved the chevy TT, and theres already Dodge backing in the Torcs SC series. I liked Robbys Chevy pro2 since you dont see many bowties in short course. Oh well, I'll pull for him regardless :)
Got a motor huh?
I hope so. :)
I could have sworn I heard an interview around the time of the Baja 500 that Robby said they " threw the cover " over the TT & it was all ready to go for the 1000.
Lets hope he shows up alil more perpaired then that... I saw some trucks at the Vegas 2 Reno race running 40inch tires and bigger brake packages.... Rob's TT may needs some updates and some testing before it ready to take on the Baja.. I cant wait to get down to Mexico again...
tires to big ring and pion will break in 1000 miles ask robby that question see ya in baja
Don't matter, s&p anyway........


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