Hey Gang,

Admittedly, I've only been able to loosely follow the RGM news of late; however, it sure appears to have gone quiet. The Robby Gordon website is hardly ever updated and it's very dated.

I saw he ran w/o a sponsor 2 weeks ago and is falling quickly in the points. I also read (via Jayski) that JGR has spent 10M over the last 10 years to perfect their motor oil! How can RGM compete with that?


Will RG do the Dakar this year?

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Did he sign any of those used napkins? lol
lol for the underware
TOG does a alsome job on this site, let RGM work on the cars cause there the hotrods that RG need to kick so ass with! Gas On!
Other than having every other post of mine censored by TOG or Cow, this site is a'ight...'nah mean? LMAO!


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