I broke out the JB hat and the Rally for Robby shirt, (Hope he dosen't go through that again this year.) What is everyone else doing in preperation for Sunday?

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Jim Beam hat, and either Rally For Robby shirt or my Monster shirt
Got a brand new Dale Jr. Bud T-shirt the other week for $10 Cdn. Of course I'm cheering for Robby but I just love to yell out JOOOOON-YERRRRRR every time he's mentioned just to keep the kids amused.
I found a cool place that makes custom T-Shirts. I had a " Robby Gordon - GAS ON" shirt made for the Vegas race here, so I guess I might give it a trial run this weekend.
Wearing my signed Jim Beam Racing hat and will make lots of food ahead of time so I don't miss a minute. My laptop went down again so I won't be able to listen to track pass, I am totally bumbed.
I have an entire room of Robby gear with a full hood and fender/quater panel. All of which are autographed by himself and a few by his dad Bob. As far as gear it will be Jim beam visor and shirt with the flag flowing out front and a few in the house. My wife is a Jimmy fan so out of respect Jimmy gets to fly his flag till the end of the race but thats it. Another top 10 for us tom.
I only have my Jim Beam T-shirt left so I'll be wearing that. Apparently my wife wanted to get RG's autograph for me and mailed off my hats back in November. Try finding RGM gear in Mount Maniac, Nova Scotia. Oh well, GAS ON ROBBY!!!
i have an autographed RG card that i sent into his shop a few years back and it came back signed i think its the spiderman car...I tape that to my shirt it looks like a name tag....LOL
I'll be wearing my work uniform:.. I get off at 6 EST so I'm hoping to catch the last little bit. I'll have the race on the radio so I'll be able to get updates but it still stinks.
I'm Wearing my Mustard Yellow Jim Beam shirt and my Red Robby Gordon Motorsports Hoodie courtesy of Fatback McLosaw.
red autographed Jim Beam hat and my Oregon State Beavers sweatshirt!! Hat was from Infineon last year.


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