I broke out the JB hat and the Rally for Robby shirt, (Hope he dosen't go through that again this year.) What is everyone else doing in preperation for Sunday?

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heres the line------------- you are a mile that way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I hope you've got a good RG tat.
and I thought it was just me.............
now that boy just ain't right...
I will wear my JB hat, and Jim Beam Black Robby Gordon T-Shirt, I will also bring out all the Die Cast Cars, Mini Helmet, etc.
My black Jim Beam #7 shirt signed by Robby and my custom made visor, also signed by Robby (even though I'll be watching in my living room).
Black RG offroad t-shirt, shorts and flip flops!! Gas On!!
jim beam shirt i got back in '05. dont mess with tradition!
Robbys uniform jacket from 06, Beam "chocolate" shirt, signed big number 7 hat....and nothing else!!!!!!! Gas On!!!
j b black shirt j b distressed brown hat (my favorite)
I will probally be wearing my Monster Engery Off Road Sweatshirt!


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