What If.... Road Course at Daytona under the Lights in CHASE

Can you imagine if they added a few more lights on the infield and let these guys have at it under the lights on the RC at Daytona during the CHASE?! It would be awesome.

Even without the lights, adding an RC race at Daytona or Indy in the CHASE would be great for the typical NASCAR fan because you could see more of the track from your seat. Maybe NASCAR would go for something like this?

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It's going to be many years before NASCAR will add another road course of any kind to the schedule. They have a full plate right now with the events they have deals for. Everyone and their pet dog is saying they need to cut the schedule back to 30 or 32 races and that may happen over the next few years. There just isn't any room to bring in a new race. Switching the race at homestead to a road course race sounds interesting though. I am sure this is the last year the chase will end at that track. Next year I expect the season to end in Las Vegas.
The season finale moving to Vegas has been rumored for the last few years. Thought last year would be the end as Ford's contract to sponsor the event expired. But renew they did, not sure for how many years. It will be in Homestead until Ford says otherwise. At least, I hope so since it's my home track! Hard to reschedule, too hot to have a summer event here. Even the 1:00 start is brutal in November.
How did I over look this option? Great Idea! I would much rather see them race on the RC at Homestead than the oval.


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