First I would like to start with a few of my favorite Tweets I have seen in the last 14 hours or so...

Robby Gordon
Exactly. What do u have if you cant have fun? RT @Burm61: RG you have great fans cause you treat em like they should be and have fun with it

Mike Bianchi by Head_Held_HighWhat about changing the name of Great American Race to the Daletona 500?

jennifer6973 Jennifer @ABestwickESPN Liked that Trevor Bayne won, did not like Robby Gordon's pinball machine antics

mantone1 marc mantone
@mrsjustiebiebes....your a cunt idiot just like robby sorry you have no clue about racing just like robby gordon

lol ^^^That guy is an idiot and everyone should let him know it...Jr. Nation has to be the biggest group of babies. Cry about it, losers!

Anyways, I was on the edge of my seat for the whole race. RG did a great job and so did the team. When he came out of the pits in first place I'm sure I was screaming joy as much as everyone else but that was freaking awesome. Until the bad stuff happened at the end it sounded like the team was very happy with the car. I can't wait for the Phoenix race now. After the first race last season there, I think it can be a great Sunday for RG and Team Dodge.

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totally agree.. would love to see offroad stuff more often on TV.. as much fun as it was watching tracker updates and listening to the local AM radio station, Parker would've much more fun to actually watch.
the irony of the whole thing is that Robby made a tremendous save, a-la Earnhardt Sr. and gets blamed for it.....I don't for the life of me see how an Earnhardt fan can be critical of aggressive or in this case spectacular driving...oh's JEALOUSY ;)
Junior can shut his unsuccesfull trap on any issue, judging from his last two seasons or so.

heathholmes @RobbyGordon I got an apology from DW about casting blame on you! He said stuff happened so fast it was hard to tell & talk about. SPEED ON!
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to RobbyGordon
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As a Robby Fan, I too thought this was a great race. He had the potential to win up till the end. I was on the Superstretch for the event, so I did not see TV or the blame game going down. The In house cameras interviewed Brad and he did nor blame Robby at all...and said it was just a racing thing. After that race, and the 9 lives displayed, I am a bigger fan now...more than ever.


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