First I would like to start with a few of my favorite Tweets I have seen in the last 14 hours or so...

Robby Gordon
Exactly. What do u have if you cant have fun? RT @Burm61: RG you have great fans cause you treat em like they should be and have fun with it

Mike Bianchi by Head_Held_HighWhat about changing the name of Great American Race to the Daletona 500?

jennifer6973 Jennifer @ABestwickESPN Liked that Trevor Bayne won, did not like Robby Gordon's pinball machine antics

mantone1 marc mantone
@mrsjustiebiebes....your a cunt idiot just like robby sorry you have no clue about racing just like robby gordon

lol ^^^That guy is an idiot and everyone should let him know it...Jr. Nation has to be the biggest group of babies. Cry about it, losers!

Anyways, I was on the edge of my seat for the whole race. RG did a great job and so did the team. When he came out of the pits in first place I'm sure I was screaming joy as much as everyone else but that was freaking awesome. Until the bad stuff happened at the end it sounded like the team was very happy with the car. I can't wait for the Phoenix race now. After the first race last season there, I think it can be a great Sunday for RG and Team Dodge.

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yes, for me this was the best daletona 500 ever, haha,. the most fun to watch,
WOW! mantone1 sent Robby like 10 Tweets calling him all kind of names and talking trash...what a pathetic loser!!!
Yeah mantone1 is a big doofus. His mom probably still wipes his butt too.
His voice doesn't carry any wieght anyway, 70 followers and half of them are spam sites, the rest fantasy football
I like the way that Jr Nation blames Robby, when the boys started wrecking before he was even up the track. Robby gave the boys that were to his outside plenty of room, they were "assume-ing" he was going to run right up to the wall evidently.
Dale said there was some "funny stuff" going on to his inside. I have lost a lot of respect for Jr. and his continually blaming someone else for his bad runs. Ready for Phoenix...Go 7!!!
@Rob thats the funny thing, Jr nation is blamming Robby...not Jr. Jr (like Robby) would've had a far better result had Robby not gotten hit from the rear by the 34. Jr went out of his way to make sure he didnt point a finger at the wrong guy. Hence the "there was some funny stuff goin on". IMO thats a more mature, seasoned driver handling an interview very very well...especially given the timing. Lets not forget, this is the same guy that got nascar introduced to the 5 second delay
An exciting race, too bad Robby got hit a few times, he had a full head of steam!! Great motor
I would have loved to see what would have played out if Stewart would have given Robby room when he was coming up the inside with a full head of steam. It wasn't Stewart's fault it is just racing but Robby was coming up the inside like a bat outta hell and had to go on the apron because Tony shut the door.
That "foolish" yellow line is a load of crap. All in all it was a good day considering the fact we did not fall victim to what happened during the race. On the other hand we sure were capable of being one of cars in the top 5 easy. Don't pick it apart too much and you will be happier for it-to hell with what anyone "says" use your own mind and be who you are - in the end it was a lot of fun watching, and lets hope we are a solid car/team next week and have some more fun.
If Robby could have picked up the slower Stewart cleanly (who dropped down onthe line because he had no dance partner)...I think the 14 or 7 would hav ebeen in VL....

As for the Jr Nation cry babies..I just watched the Dodging Bullets montage and here is what happened....undisputably...

Tony came down, going MUCH slower than the freight train of cars on the low line led by Robby Gordon (with the 34, and 99 behind him pushing big time)...Robby ran into the back of the slower Stewart (who really should have stayed in the middle lane and let Bobby Labonte pick him up), and in doing so, Giiland with Edwards pushing him ran through Robby, got us loose and we made an incredible save... we blend back into the pack, and you can see this clearly starting at 5:23 of the montage, as we come back across the double yellow line, with PLENTY of ROOM on the bottom to blend in, Allmendinger on the high side hooks Newman and sends him into the wall, which had NOTHING to do with what Robby was doing..

Jr sees/reacts to Newman;s car coming back down across the track and turns down towards the inside....which is now occupied by Robby.....Dale Jrs back end comes across Robby;s nose, whihc gets him loose, and sends himself into the wall..

In all honesty...Little E fans should be mad at the Dinger...he started that wreck.
upon further was Dinger bobbling and getting into the side of Newman, which made newman hook himself on Truex behind him...then it unfolding the way I posted above
Robby's response to the loser

@mantone1 would you like a tissue?
about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to mantone1
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