This is probably a rhetorical question, but I was surprised to see they'd removed the backstretch grandstands. When I was there in 2008, that thing was full of folks. It also looks like they removed sections of the front stretch grandstands, down by the old DePalma section?

Not great news for a once dominate sport. Seems RG got out at the right time. Although privately I was hoping RG would pick up a ride on Sunday.

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Fun zone now, I think...

Layman Speak: "Wow, that's a lot of empty seats"

Corporate speak: "Excess Stationary Human Support System Inventory"

WJM---That's a good note. I work for a major company that sponsors the most popular driver. We are going through downsizing right now and an email went out yesterday---they referred to the correct number of field employees as "labor allocation footprint"---gotta love corporate speak.

But I just watched Obama tell everyone just yesterday that other countries are in awe seeing such a turnaround in the USA economy! Things are going great aren't they??? Hmmm, they must be including food stamps, drugs and corruption in that turnaround.

Keep politics out of these forums.

Thank you

+a gazillion

We are in a turn around........we keep turning around and around and around.just like what happens to dinner the next morning.....CORPORATE : We are currently in a reorganization phase based on the betterment of the senior members in our organization to which the general underlying foundation will be further distanced from and addressed from here forward in total falsehood as the majority.

The biggest factor to attendance trending downward is TV is getting better. This is happening in every major sports. You have 70"+ Hi-Def 4K televisions that gives in-depth coverage and behind the scenes footage. This is why TV package deals are getting bigger and bigger and why half the time you see commercials. Daytona has gone above the standard to improve it's facilities to keep good attendance numbers. I expect other tracks to step up to attempt to keep fans engaged

What he said

With the new Daytona will notice they did increase the grandstands in the front stretch. I don't know the final attendance numbers, but the stands did look pretty full on tv.

and you won't know the attendance numbers (2013 was the last year is was reported by ISC) you also won't know purse pay out (new for 2016) but know that the number of seats at Daytona 2016 is 101500, down from 147k.
Sorry transparency is not the new Na$crap policy.

I watched the race in 15 minutes (DVR). Just not the same without Robby. Come on open wheel !


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