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I can see Roger putting JV in the seat for The Glen.

And wreck everyone in the last few laps? Don't think the Captain would want that headache.

One driver wreck 42 cars in three laps. I'd pay double to see that.

Who is JV?

Jacques villenueve

Jacques Villeneuve

That would be awesome!!!!

I like the fact that no one wants to get there hopes up but I think Roger would put Robby in for the Glen before J.V. Has Jacq ever dove a Cup car?

Yes he has, made 3 races DNQ'd for 1 race, never attempted a Road Course in a Cup car.

It is a long shot but I am hoping now that the #22 will not have the same driver for the full season that Robby will get a shot the drive the 22 at the Glen. Robby and Roger have always been on good terms.

Ever see a kid sitting quietly getting pissed off more and more by what the other kids are saying...........well thats me..........guess exactly whats pissing me.

I look at it this way, Sam will be/should be in the car on the Companion weekends (Which includes the Glen) & the weekends where the NNS has off, on the weekends where the NNS is somewhere else is when the driver is unknown.

Right now those races would be;
Pocono (Weekend of 8/5, NNS @ Iowa)
Michigan (Weekend of 8/19, NNS @ Montreal)
Loudon (Weekend of 9/23, NNS @ Kentucky)

Robby doesn't really like Pocono in a Stockcar (I'm gonna guess even less now that it's smooth)
Michigan is the weekend of the BitD Vegas to Reno race so that rules him running the #22 there out.
Loudon in the Fall is the really only "Open" date IMHO.


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