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I won't hold my breath for this to happen. Penske keeps giving Sam more chances to tear the side off of the race car. But, Robby would make an excellent choice and their aren't too many to choose from. I can think of a few though.

Sadly this is the end of Dinger probably. The odds of that test being done wrong are pretty slim and you know they must have ran it many times before ending the guys career.

I wish this would happen at least for the GLEN....

I just posted this on Shell Facebook "the #22 needs ROBBY GORDON"

It seems that Robby's plate is rather full at this time and he isn't looking for a Cup ride. But you are entitled to dream.

It is Sam Hornish's gig


In the words of Don King "He's got two chances, slim and none. And slim just left town"

just don't be pissy when the dream doesn't happen.

As much as I would like to see Robby get in it, I hope Sam gets to keep the ride and is able to run well! Aj hasn't done that much this year really compared to his last year at RPM I think and compared to Brad. I hated to see Sam get that flat tire last night but he I'm sure Penske will let him run the car since he has stated in the past that Hornish will be back in cup one day.

I agree, I would think that Sam would be given the ride for the rest of the year, possibly taken out of the car for a stronger canidate for next year for the 22. In my opinion the 22 seat will start the silly season early, and have drivers looking into their contracts for an out to be able to land the ride. I like AJ and hope for the best for him, if this is serious I would see him going back to open wheel (possibly KV Racing??). Sam has always towed the company line around Penske, and in Rogers mind I would think that he still has potential that has not emerged. He sort of reminds me of Rick Mears at Penske and I would think that Sam will end up becoming a driver coach for the captain with a sweet consultant deal. Regardless of the circumstances regarding AJs' situation , as they said in Seinfield " Youre not Penske material"....I dont see the captain putting up with any BS after the KB fiasco, besides AJ only had a one year deal. i wish the best for AJ, as for RG and Roger, I still think back to the CART race at Homestead and when Penske built a temporary wall between there pits...never seemed like RG and the Captain would be a good fit, if Roger had ever wanted Robby, he had plenty of opportunities in the past between both open wheel and tin tops to offer RG a ride.

ROBBY is his own man and busy. F.... the 22 lets all get behind the SST!

Would love to see RG get in some good equipment and see if he can be competitive week in and out, but I don't see it happening. Maybe The Glen?


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