Let's reflect on what we are going to be doing? Or if you are out of funds, what we would like to be doing this weekend

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This Robby fan is going to the desert to play! Baja bug, bike, beers and babes!! lol
Our band Blues Bettie is playing at Blues night at the CoachHouse in San Juan Capistrano Saturday nite, if any of the Planet Robby members would like to go, send me a message I'll hook you up... blues, funk and soul music.... check us out at bluesbettie.com....
This weekend will see me at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale on Saturday night. The rest of the time will be spent just goofing off.
I'm a mom, so Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and church on Sunday. If nice weather we will do something outside. Last weekend my 4yr made mud for her trucks to play in. We had to hose her off before letting her inside and I had to clean the tub twice before she was clean.
Awww, how cute, I hope you got pictures.
I'm going to sit around the house doing nothing, like I do every day.

Boring weekend for a racing fan, no NASCAR, no Indycar, no ALMS, No Grand Am, no NHRA, etc...
Moto GP.....Nickey Hayden
It will be interesting to see how he does on the Ducati
I might be going to the Nashville Nationwide race. Not quite sure yet though.
i will work on my racetruck, will finish the prep for the next race that will be held in a month,. this is my truck, its a ford explorer, class 3, and our team is called CHUPAKABRAS RACING TEAM.
Very Cool. Are you entering the 500 500?
this coming race is to get the bugs out of our race truck,. if everything goes as planned, we will race the baja 500, class 3,


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