Let's reflect on what we are going to be doing? Or if you are out of funds, what we would like to be doing this weekend

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I will be working on Saturday and hanging out with the family at a resturant on Sunday! Lucky me i signed up to work on Satudays but i don't be working that long classes go pretty fast!
turkey hunting in the morning and catfishing on the ohio river at night in southern, illinois; saturday night at hogdaddy's saloon....life is good.
I had a big wild turkey in my front yard this morning. I haven't seen any catfish here lately though.
Just working on my garage. Someone told me you're supposed to park cars in garages, I'd like to try that at some point! :)
Friday clean up my Rhino, and some beers.. Saturday work . Sunday family and freinds barbeque .
Skiing at Okemo on Thurs. Last day on the hill. Fri. clean the house, finish my office remodel, etc. (people coming over for Easter). Sat. the kids have soccer & baseball all day. Sun. lots of eating and some adult libations.
I will be drinking and watching the D-backs play ball. I was just notified by my school district, along with 600 other teachers, that I will not be offered a contract for next year. Sunday I will go to church.
Sorry to hear about your job, that really sucks. If the unemployment rate keeps going up, how is the economy ever going to get better?
hopefully will be at local dirt track testing new 318 modified i just finished
(we prolly going to find the real defination of a circle jerk) cuz car owner cant drive worth a damn

then on to finishing the off road truck before may 29th
Can anyone guess where I am going this weekend? First right answer gets a Robby Gordon prize.
The prize will be sent to US address only


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